broken shoes

Why it’s okay to screw up

I’m not perfect. And neither are you. You’ve probably done some next level stupid shit in your life and those memories all creep back into your consciousness when you lie awake at night wishing you could go back and change it or somehow eliminate the memory from the minds of everyone who know about it.

Life being the forward-ticking witch it is, you can’t undo your mistakes and you can’t take back your screw-ups. But you can get up and get over it and move on. Do some new legit stupid things that overshadow your screw-ups from the past.

Because it’s okay to screw up. It’s okay to be stupid and immature and short-sighted at times because you are not a machine and you do not exist to please each and every human soul in the world. You were not put on this planet to serve as some kind of prodigy child who never leaves the house and doesn’t drunk text or occasionally bounce it out on Kid Cudi. Life also doesn’t refrain from throwing failures at you. It’s one of those things.

You’re meant to screw up. If you never screwed up, what would you laugh about? How would you ever have fun? How would you advance in life or in your studies or in a career if you are constantly setting unrealistic standards of perfection? Sometimes knowing you could potentially screw up leads you to not screwing up because you take the risk of doing or creating something brilliant.

Screw up. Screw up and enjoy it. Laugh at yourself. Cringe when you lie awake at night. It’s part of a life lived fully. Have the courage to fail big and stick around. Make them wonder why you’re still smiling.

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