road in forest

You Are Alive


There are few things as deeply discoverable as those discovered alone. When you are alone, you see things differently. You see them through your own eyes. And through your own eyes, you witness pieces of the world so often overlooked in the company of others.

Walking alone, you notice the gentle rays of the sun pouring through broken leaves. Trees moving. Roots meandering beneath your feet. And you connect with something you rarely encounter amongst others.

Your hearing is clearer.

Your eyes open wider.

And in that moment, you become a part of the cosmos. You seep back into the soil from which you came. And everything about that moment brings you to the realisation that you. are. alive.

You are here.

This is now.

This is you.

And the best thing to do with this moment or the next is to take it to be a manifestation of what you are capable of being. What you are capable of achieving. And where you are capable of taking your life within this mysterious yet intricately discoverable universe of magnificence.