In Defense of my Arts Degree

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts.

In my first year of studying this, I spoke briefly with a guy at a social and the first question we automatically asked each other was, quite unoriginally, what do you study?

His answer was Engineering.

Mine was Humanities.

He laughed. And then he said “Oh, so you’re one of the dumb ones.”

I learnt a lot of things about people through studying Languages and Psychology and Philosophy.

It’s not that it infuriates me that some look down condescendingly on the Arts Degree. It’s that I don’t understand what they believe sets them at a higher level with their Science or Commerce or Accounting Degrees.

I respect the knowledge they have built. I respect how they can create and how they can make sense of a mess by using their logical mind, mathematical skill and analytical brain.

Maybe that’s why I also gave a go at Engineering when I first started my studies. I also wanted to use numbers to create and build systems that would make life easier through analysing and improving on existing theories and appliances and infrastructure. Why, though, are my Arts-related abilities to create, analyse and build believed to be of a lesser calibre than theirs?

I grew up in a family of achievers. There’s the one with the Masters Degree in Science. The one with the MBA.

The grandad with the Doctorate in Agriculture who basically orchestrated the invention of synchronised reproductive processes in farm animals so that all of them go into heat at the same time to provide farmers with a stable income and the industry with a stable supply of wool.

And then there’s me. The”Black Sheep”. With the Arts Degree.

At the university where I studied, they label this degree as the one you study when you’re trying to find a man. Because it’s apparently really easy and you’ll probably never find a job so best spend your time finding a husband to take care of you.

Are you fucking kidding me?!

Who let you climb on that pedestal? Because the pride clouding your judgment is making you forget that I have acquired the ability to analyse the insecurity that stepped you up there. And the facets of your societal surrounds that will eventually cause irreparable damage to your public image due to your disrespect of the supposed underdog.

There may come a time when you will meet an Arts graduate who has far surpassed your successes. Surpassing your expectations through their understanding of life. Of what makes people choose the lives they do. What makes people respect the choices and paths and mistakes of others.

They will teach you about the dynamics of society and its need to prove itself to itself.

They will teach you about the art of expression.

They will teach you about culture.

They will teach you about societal structures and its evolution over time.



The liberation of modernism.

The crisis of experience.

The evolution of space.

The philosophy of Science.


The art of logic and conversation.

The taboos around sex.

Man’s ability to love.

Man’s ability to hate.

They will open your mind to new focuses on religion and ways of life.

They will help you discover respect for agnostics who love and live honourably without the thought of divine reward. You will understand their need to do good simply because they believe the world deserves it.

They will help you externalise that which is interior and put it out there in the world. Like downloading your knowledge and your consciousness onto paper.

They will teach you how to differentiate between what is beautiful and what is ugly. In a less shallow sense.

They will teach you how to use literature to teach.

To entertain.

To escape.

To switch off minds.

To change mindsets.

They will teach you that reading that novel really is you writing that novel. Creating pictures in your mind and people in your life that only disappear long after you’ve read that last page.

They will teach you how to tap into the human unconscious.

My professor once said that “Communication is an ORGAN!” It influences everything. Without it, we’re pretty much hanging on by a thread. We lose touch with other humans. We lose control. We lose order. We lose life. It carves culture and communication carves life.

Respect the Arts, my friend.

There’s a lot beneath the surface here.


Music is Everything

Sometimes your life just hits rock bottom. Disappointments surface and people happen and it all just whirls into a little pool of self-pity.


Many people have the knack of telling others that life is what it is and it’s not always easy. That bad things happen to good people and trials and tribulations are mere stepping stones towards greater heights.

No, it’s not always easy. No, people are not always nice. Some people, in my experience, are there simply to teach you more about what you should strive towards despite their remorseless words and behaviour. To teach you to be strong no matter what the trials. And you yourself need to keep from anticipating the light at the end of the tunnel as an oncoming train.

Ironically, my drive for life these days is getting up in the morning and sitting in traffic for an hour so that I can listen to the imaginative genius of some of my favourite bands. They are what get me through most days.

No matter how sad or trivial or tough life seems, it is always music that has the ability to either heighten your emotions or drown them out in its harmonic bliss. Though life doesn’t come with music, it is so simple to make music come to life.

Music has the power to help you pretend things away. It can take you to secret places. Help you build castles that your imagination can live in. It can help you live in the fantasy world that’s been forced into your mind by your neglected soul. Assist you in developing the plots you had always envisioned for yourself. Soothe your pains. Fly you off to the most illustrious depths of the universe.

Music’s the only thing that makes sense anymore, man. Play it loud enough, it keeps the demons at bay.

Music is power.

Music is everything.